Monthly Archives: March 2019

  1. OutThereUSA Ultra Lightweight Backpacks for Adventure Racing

    Out There USA Backpacks have gotten us through many adventure races. They are so well thought out, functional, durable, and I can honestly say I think they make us faster because everything is so easily accessible! We are so grateful that Out There will again be sponsoring the Teton Ogre

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  2. OutThere MS Pack Reveiw

    The little brother of the AS-1. How does it stack up? Watch and find out.

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  3. OutThereUSA AS Pack Overview with Mike Kloser and Jay Henry

    OutThere! product designer Mike Kloser goes over many of the features on the new AS-1 Pack.

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  4. 1iOpen Reviews OutThereUSA Packs

    In partnership with Carryology, The Crew at 1iOpen Productions review the Out There USA Adventure Backpacks designed by World Champion Adventure Racer Mike Kloser.

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  5. The OutThereUSA Origin Story by Mike Kloser

    Mike Kloser Interviewed on Vail's TV8

    Mike Kloser tells how his adventure racing heritage inspired him to create the innovative OutThere backpacks to meet the specific demands of Adventure Racers and how his theory of accessibility benefits not only the adventure racer, but also the every day hiker that just wants to keep moving. Mike also demonstrates and shows the various models that are offered.

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  6. La Ruta De Los Conquisatdores

    We heard the rumors of how hard La Ruta is to complete. We can put those rumors to rest, it is a beast. Check out WEDU's film as Mike Kloser and Lance Armstrong take on La Ruta.


    "Every year, hundreds of the very best mountain bikers and endurance racers from around the world come to Central America to test themselves in this unique odyssey of distance, geography, climate and culture. La Ruta, the only bike race that traverses the American land mass from coast to coast — from Pacific to Atlantic —is no easy day at the beach. Between its sea-level start and finish, the 161-mile route crosses 5 mountain ranges that force you climb a cumulative 29,000 feet! The daunting terrain is so harsh that half a millennium ago it took Spanish conquistadores led by Juan De Cavallón 20 years to cross the land of Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Caribbean Sea; today, following almost the same trails they blazed, modern-day explorers racing on m

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