OutThere Packs began when one of our sponsors gave up on the adventure racing pack market and we couldn't find the pack we wanted. During my Adventure Racing days, I spent more than a decade helping to design racing packs for the biggest names in the industry. After continually providing the ideas and still not getting the result I wanted, I took all the features I wanted and designed my own. The result is what many claim to be the best pack, racing or no, that they have ever used.

Here in our mountain community of Vail, Colorado, OutThere packs are everywhere and the comments fly : "Incredibly well thought out", "I have four OutThere packs","My favorite pack". Whether you are an adventure racer or just someone looking to get outside and as we say get OutThere, try one of our packs. If you are not 100% satisfied, we'll refund you in full.

Meet Founder Mike Kloser

Mike Kloser can make the Energizer Bunny look tired and lazy. The Vail adventure racer is known for squeezing every ounce of life out of every single day, even before he became a world champion at a sport that requires versatility, endurance and nonstop energy.

A day in the life of this mountain sports fiend might include an early-morning bike run, ride or skate ski session before having breakfast with his family and heading off to his job as director of activities at Beaver Creek Resort. Depending on the season, he might take a midday break to make a few turns on the ski hill or go for a quick trail run.


4 time Adventure Racing World Champion, World Mountain Bike Champion, World Long Distance Orienteering Champion, 3 time Eco Challenge Champion, 5 time Primal Quest Champion, 10 time Steamboat Pentathlon Champion, 3 time Teva Games Champion, 2 time Iditabike Champion, 2 time America's Uphill Champion, 2 Time Winter Triathlon National Champion, 5 Time Elk Mountains Grand Traverse Champion, 7 time Breckenridge Imperial Challenge Champion, 3 Time Aspen Highlands Inferno Champion and many more